51,000 Glasgow children benefit from game-changing Scottish Child Payment

Families across Glasgow received a total of £56.6 million from the SNP Government   50,885 children in Glasgow have benefitted from the Scottish Child Payment, according to the latest figures released by the Scottish Government - with £56,581,245 having been paid to families.   The payment of £25 per week, available to eligible children under the [...]

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Humza Yousaf – serious about accelerating the SNP’s assault on child poverty

I have nailed my colours firmly to the mast with unequivocal support for Humza Yousaf in the SNP leadership election. There is no doubt in my mind that Humza is the stand out candidate who will continue the Scottish Government’s relentless work to reduce child poverty. As an ex teacher, I know this ongoing work [...]

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Collective Responsibility and the SNP Leadership Contest

The SNP has been the Scottish Government since 2007. That’s nearly 15 consecutive years of leadership and service to the people of Scotland, who have continually placed their faith in us. It is a formidable achievement. Nicola Sturgeon has been First Minister for nearly 10 years, forming governments with gender balanced cabinets, and a healthy [...]

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Scottish Labour – Playing at politics and letting Glasgow down

On Thursday 16th February, Councillors met in Glasgow City Chambers to debate and agree the Glasgow City Council budget for the year ahead. It was a challenging task to balance the city’s finances while rejecting as many of the proposed cuts to services as possible. But that is the responsibility of leadership and the SNP [...]

Supporting residents in buildings with potentially dangerous cladding

The ongoing situation facing Glasgow Kelvin residents living in accommodation with dangerous cladding is a cause of huge concern on several grounds. It is also a priority for me and the Scottish Government to progress to a positive conclusion as swiftly as possible. I truly empathise with my constituents who find themselves in this unwelcome [...]

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Ending Institutional Racism in Sport

'Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.' The words of the late American author, James Baldwin, are perfect to describe the accusation of institutional racism facing Cricket Scotland. On 7 September I was proud to lead a Member's Debate in parliament on the subject of [...]

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Pakistan Floods Appeal 2022

The situation in Pakistan following flash floods is horrendous. The trauma and suffering of the people in the areas affected is on an almost unimaginable scale. The government of Pakistan estimates that a third of the country – an area the size of the UK – is under water. At least 1,100 people have died, [...]

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Exam Results 2022 – a cause for celebration

This year, for the first time since 2019 students have sat traditional exams to confirm their achievements in learning. In 2020 exams were cancelled due to the pandemic and grades were based on teacher assessment. In 2021 there were school based tests but they were not the same as a national exam programme. Today’s results [...]

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