Here is Kaukab’s response to the UK Government’s asylum policy proposal to send some refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda for their claims to be processed:
‘I am deeply concerned by the inhumane and abhorrent UK asylum policy proposal suggesting that some refugees and asylum seekers be deported to Rwanda for their cases to be processed. I believe this outrageous proposal – which is being enacted without any UK parliamentary scrutiny or opportunity to oppose it – is shameful and cruel beyond belief.
How will the UK Government ensure the welfare of extremely vulnerable people in any such ‘outsourcing’ agreement? The answer is they will not. They are washing their hands of any responsibility under international laws and conventions towards people fleeing conflict, torture and persecution. I am ashamed of the UK Government and ashamed that there is such a moral vacuum at its heart.
The UK Home Office has a moral and legal obligation to give full and fair consideration to claims for asylum and, if claims are successful, to support individuals to rebuild their lives as refugees in the UK.
The Scottish Government is clear that people seeking asylum should be supported to integrate within our communities from day one of arrival in line with the key principle of our New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy.’