SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Kaukab Stewart has praised farmers’ markets, such as the one held in Partick, for supporting farmers, bringing fresh produce to consumers, and promoting a healthier diet.


Ms Stewart, who represents Partick, raised the topic of healthy eating in the Scottish Parliament, asking the Rural Affairs Secretary what work was being done to promote healthy eating. 


Following the Cabinet Secretary’s response, Kaukab Stewart asked:


“Partick Farmers’ Market in my constituency brings into the heart of Glasgow’s west end fresh produce straight from the producers.  Does the Minister agree that such models play an important role in educating people about the food they eat, promoting healthier lifestyles, and supporting farmers and food producers?”


Rural Affairs Secretary, Mairi Gougeon MSP, agreed and praised the role farmers’ markets play in healthy eating.


Commenting, Kaukab Stewart said:


“With Partick Farmers’ Market coming up this weekend, there was no way I could ask a question in Parliament on healthy eating and not mention the role they play in supporting it.


“I have long held the belief that a fundamental understanding of where your food comes from enables people to make healthier choices.  We can understand that certain foods are better for us than others, but actually seeing it, experiencing it, and engaging with those who produce it creates a better appreciation for our food.


“The added benefit of these markets is that they cut out the often unfair monopoly-style role supermarkets play in getting our food from producers to our plates. 


“We really are what we eat and I like to know what my food is – a farmers’ market is an excellent way to do that and to speak directly to producers about their products – so  I look forward to popping down to Partick Farmers’ Market in Mansfield Park this weekend.”


Partick Farmers’ Market next takes place:

Saturday 13 May, 10am – 2pm.