Glasgow MSP launches survey on dangerous cladding

SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Kaukab Stewart, is writing to residents in a number of buildings across the city centre and west end where there are concerns over cladding safety.   Kaukab has been involved with discussions between residents, residents’ associations, and government officials and ministers to try to find viable solutions to replacing cladding [...]

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SNP PUTS HOMES AT HEART OF NEW GOVERNMENT   Glasgow Kelvin SNP MSP Kaukab Stewart has welcomed plans announced by First Minister Humza Yousaf to allow councils to double the council tax paid on empty and second homes, in a radical move to address the challenges around housing in Scotland.   There are currently more [...]

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Parliamentary praise for GMAC’s Wilma Smith

Glasgow Media Access Centre’s (GMAC) Filmmakers Programme Manager has been appointed Co-Vice President of Screen Talent Europe (STE), an organisation focused on connecting emerging filmmakers.   Glasgow Kelvin MSP Kaukab Stewart visited GMAC – based on Trongate – to learn more about what support the organisation gives to budding filmmakers in the local area, and [...]

Women’s Health Minister meets staff at the Sandyford Clinic

I am pleased to report that the Women's Health Minister, Maree Todd, visited the Sandyford Clinic and Queen Elizabeth Hospital today to meet staff providing abortion healthcare. I welcome her statement as follows: 'Women must have the right to access abortion without fear or intimidation. And it goes without saying that the same goes for [...]

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Free Bus Travel for Under 22s

Kaukab has welcomed the opening of the application process for free bus travel for young people, under the age of 22 years old, in Glasgow. Kaukab has welcomed the initiative which is set to benefit around 930,000 young people across Scotland and pointed to research from Transport Scotland indicating that 70% of young people would use [...]

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