SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Kaukab Stewart, has written to Scottish Labour Leader, Anas Sarwar, calling for him to reconsider his position on the two-child benefit cap.


The cap was introduced by the Conservative government, capping the number of children in a household who would be supported by benefits to just two.  In another u-turn, Labour Leader Keir Starmer admitted over the weekend he would not change the policy if he was Prime Minister.  Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar voiced support for Starmer’s position, then stating he would urge the UK Leader to change the policy eventually, but not right away.


Kaukab Stewart has written to Anas Sarwar, pointing out there’s dissent in his own parliamentary party over the policy and that he should change his mind.

Kaukab’s letter to Anas Sarwar

Commenting, Kaukab Stewart said:


“The two-child cap is cruel and callous.  If Labour continue to support keeping this policy in place, people will rightly wonder what the difference is between them or the Tories.


“The Child Poverty Action Group estimates the policy is costing families around £3,000 per child per year.  This is a huge blow, especially in the middle of a cost of living crisis.


“Nobody knows when they will need social security support, the point of it is that it’s there when we do need it.  Refusing to support more than two children in a household is indefensible.


“Anas Sarwar represents Glasgow communities at Holyrood and understands the pain this has inflicted on families; supporting keeping the policy in place for the time being while families with children are pushed into deeper poverty is not standing up for the needs of the most vulnerable – this policy literally penalises children.


“I hope Scottish Labour will take a long hard look at themselves, do the right thing, and urge Keir Starmer to commit to overturning the Tory two-child cap immediately.”