The SNP Scottish Government has announced £1.5 million funding to support Glasgow City Council to wipe out school debt for families in Glasgow Kelvin, which has been welcomed by local SNP MSP Kaukab Stewart.

The funding will support local councils to remove the impact of debt; making sure that no child in Scotland is penalised for being unable to pay for school meals during the Tory cost of living crisis.

Announced by First Minister John Swinney on Thursday, the one-off funding pot will help to alleviate pressure on families in Glasgow Kelvin who have been struggling with inflated food and energy bills.

Under the SNP Scottish Government’s free school meal expansion, primary school pupils in primary one to five in Scotland and across all special schools already receive free school meals – saving an average of £400 per child each year.

Commenting, Kaukab Stewart MSP said:

“We know that families in Glasgow Kelvin have been paying the price of this Tory cost of living crisis, but no child in Scotland should ever be penalised for not being able to pay for a school meal, which Scottish households bear the brunt of inflated bulls and spiralling costs.

“While school meal debt is a matter for local authorities, this important emergency funding pot will give much-needed support to empower councils to remove the debilitating impact of debt for families across Scotland.

“First Minister John Swinney has been categorically clear that his ambition in Government is to eradicate child poverty – and has wasted no time in taking immediate action to deliver this.

“From the expansion of free school meals, to increasing the Scottish Child Payment, the SNP Scottish Government is cutting the cost to the school day, supporting families and giving every child the best start in life.”