Tory Cost if Living Crisis laid bare in MSP’s survey


60% of respondents to a local survey by Glasgow Kelvin MSP Kaukab Stewart have said the cost of living crisis has made it harder to make ends meet.


Ms Stewart invited all residents in the constituency to take part in the survey as part of her annual report circulation during January 2024.  Locals were asked a number of questions on important issues, including what impact the cost of living crisis has had.


Following hundreds of responses, an overwhelming 60% of people confirmed it is now harder to make ends meet – with only 40% of people saying they did not have difficulty meeting basic living costs.


Commenting, Kaukab Stewart MSP said:


“The cost if living crisis is the result of the global economic impact of Putin’s war on Ukraine, exacerbated by the political actions of the Conservative Party in government.  Brexit and Liz Truss’ mini budget have trashed the UK economy, plunging the UK into a recession and dragging Scotland down with it.


“There is no doubt the UK is weaker now, making it harder to shoulder the burden of global influences.  This is economic vandalism, the consequence of which is being felt by ordinary people.


“With inflation having skyrocketed in the past couple of years, the cost of essentials has spun out of control.  At the same time, energy bills have surged significantly and, with interest rates increasing, mortgage repayments have become a real challenge for many homeowners.


“This is entirely of the Tories’ making, but Labour don’t appear to be offering any viable alternative.


“The cost of living crisis is the most damning testament to 14 years of Tory government – a government Scotland never voted for, yet is paying the heavy price.”