I really enjoyed being part of the amazing Pride Mardi Gla march in Glasgow on 17 July – the first major Pride event in Europe with a theme of bisexuality.

The success of this inclusive and diverse event is a wonderful tribute to the many years of campaigning and awareness raising by so many committed people.

Respect for diversity is a fundament element of any democratic society. It is one of the driving forces of the Scottish Government, and one of the things I am most proud of in its policy programme.

Scotland has a truly pioneering Parliament in terms of equalities legislation and support for diversity and inclusion. Human rights do not belong to just some sections of our communities. They belong to everyone and they must be respected and protected for everyone living in Scotland. Human rights do not put people into conflict with one another. They bring people together, fostering fairness, security and trust.


I am genuinely appalled at the lurch even further to the right in UK politics, including demands to abandon the European Convention on Human Rights. The ECHR protects us all. We leave it at our peril.

It is becoming only too clear that the UK Government is not to be trusted with human rights – either in terms of LGBTQI+ rights, asylum seekers and refugees rights, or – given the Tories’ increasing attacks on the ECHR – anybody else’s rights either!

It is long past time for Scotland to choose its own destiny – for the sake of human rights, diversity, fairness and international solidarity. It’s time for independence!

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